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Guangzhou Shopspeed Information Technology Co., Ltd.  We have independently developed the software for cash register, sales and deposit of computer terminal, mobile phone terminal and self-service terminal, and provided sales and service of commercial software, cash register and special peripheral equipment. Products are widely used in storage, wholesale department, department stores, supermarkets, stores, convenience chain stores, restaurant chain stores, hotel chain stores, milk tea shop chain stores, cosmetics chain stores, jewelry chain stores, fresh food chain stores, etc. With professional talent advantages and rich system integration experience, the company provides customers with various perfect information management solutions to help customers improve enterprise operation efficiency and profit, and realize the improvement of store opening speed. According to the actual needs of customers at home and abroad, the company has successfully designed a variety of different solutions based on our understanding of the market and the marketing trend over the years, which has been widely recognized by the end customers. The company has established a complete sales and service network in all regions of the world, and has more than 100 direct or indirect service providers in China and overseas, providing complete and convenient services for the majority of users.
The software supports multi language, multi tax rate, multi currency and Multi Country invoice format

Software support OEM OEM OEM outsourcing development

With R & D design, development and customization, pre-sales and after-sales technical support, sales consultant, logistics and logistics one-stop service

In the industry has accumulated more than 10 years of word-of-mouth and a number of high-quality agents in various regions of the world.


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